All owners of validly tendered HOLDRS will be entitled to shares of a new corresponding Market Vectors ETF. The newly created ETFs are expected to begin trading tomorrow, December 21, 2011 under the corresponding HOLDRS’ ticker symbols. The table below presents the ticker symbols, names and underlying indices for each of the six new Market Vectors ® ETFs to launch tomorrow.



Market Vectors ETF

Market Vectors Index

See links below for Fund related info found at

See links below for index information found at the index provider’s website,
OIH     Oil Services ETF    

US Listed Oil Services 25 Index(MVOIHTR)
SMH     Semiconductor ETF    

US Listed Semiconductor 25 Index (MVSMHTR)
PPH     Pharmaceutical ETF    

US Listed Pharmaceutical 25 Index (MVPPHTR)
BBH     Biotech ETF    

US Listed Biotech 25 Index(MVBBHTR)
RTH     Retail ETF    

US Listed Retail 25 Index(MVRTHTR)
RKH     Bank and Brokerage ETF    

US Listed Bank and Brokerage 25 Index (MVRKHTR)

About the New ETFs

Market Vectors’ six new ETFs seek to replicate as closely as possible, before fees and expenses, the price and yield performance of Market Vectors Indices. By tracking their respective indices, the new ETFs will provide exposure to highly liquid companies. The index weighting methodology combines market capitalization and trading volume rankings to compile 25 of the largest and most actively traded companies in their respective industries.

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