NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Netflix ( NFLX) is ending 2011 on a sour note and there's mixed sentiment on what exactly will happen with the company in the New Year.

With the stock losing more than 70% of its value since September, Netflix has a lot riding on 2012. While the bears predict a further downward spiral and a greater loss than the company is letting on, the bulls say that, without much true competition out there, Netflix still is a powerhouse.

We asked readers on Facebook and Twitter to give their predictions of what's in store for the company in the New Year. Here's what you said:

sdsurferinvesto via Twitter: "I say $NFLX is giving low guidance on international numbers, and the naysayers on the stock will be caught with pants down in 2012 as pps doubles."

StrikePricer on Twitter: "Without more subscribers, there's no possible way to pay the money that cable pays for content. Studios want that kind of money now. $NFLX is DONE."

Tommy555657 on Twitter: "Netflix will be bought out for sure."

Angad Sahni via Facebook: "Acquired by Facebook."

Adam LoBelia on Facebook: "My prediction: Pain."

Lisa Saberito on Facebook: "Shares will drop, customers will leave and the word-of-mouth referral will die. Customers first then profit."

voclockface on Twitter: "I am very bullish from here, no position. The blunder proved the value of the companion businesses. Gained and lost on $NFLX."

Justin Hunt on Facebook: "With the right management and direction Netflix would be an absolute powerhouse. The value of the watch instant service is infinite when compared to the cost of satellite or cable TV.....not to mention zero commercials and enough content so you always have something to watch when the markets aren't open."

Lexa Stewart McAdams on Facebook: "It has problems with both streaming and discs. Discs will be hurt by post office slow down. Streaming hurt by the data limitation through DSL. Interested to see how Netflix deals with these two external challenges to their business model."

- Reported by Jeanine Poggi in New York.

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