Recession Specials: Gifts for Women From $10 to $500

BOSTON ( TheStreet) -- Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but fashion expert Jeannie Mai says you don't have to hock one this holiday season to afford great gifts for the women on your shopping list.

"What I love about fashion today is that the trend has been moving toward cheap, chic designers," says Mai, host of the Style Network's How Do I Look? makeover show. "We're still in (an economic downturn), so people are losing their taste for $1,200 handbags."

Mai thinks it's easier to pick gifts for women than for men because males tend to want a very specific make or model of something, whereas she thinks females really do believe it's the thought that counts.

"If a man wants a piece of electronics, he's probably spent all of this time researching it and wants a very specific model," she says. "Girls can be picky, too -- but even if someone gets me something that I never wear, I still appreciate the fact that a man went to the women's department to pick it out. I find that in itself adorable."

Here's a look at some great presents that Mai recommends in various price points for all of the women on your gift-giving list this holiday:

Gifts for $25 or less

Mai gives the nod at this price point to so-called "fashion" eyeglasses -- non-prescription glasses that you wear for style, not to correct your vision.

"Eyewear is the one accessory that's faster than lipstick to throw on, yet easy to maintain," says the expert, who's nicknamed these products "flasses" (short for "fake eyeglasses"). Available online, at vintage stores or at trendy shops that carry eyewear accessories, these products start at as little as $10 a pair.

But Mai says they offer "instant sophistication and mysterious sex appeal."

$25-$50 presents

Steve Madden shoe clips cost just $25 or so each, but can customize virtually any pair of women's shoes.

Mai says these jewelry-like accessories "fit all heels, throw a completely different edge into your everyday shoes and are stackable to create a subtle or striking effect. (They're the) best accessory item I've found for all women -- hands down."

You can find shoe clips on the Web or in many stores.

Gifts for $50-$100

Mai loves the Sondra Robert Rose Satin Box clutch bag in this price point.

Shaped like a giant rose, this handbag is "flirty, romantic, fun -- and functional," she says. "It's like carrying your very own bouquet everywhere you go."

You'll find the bag for around $100 online or in many department stores.

$100-$200 items

Retailing for about $100 a pair on the Internet or in shoe stores, Steve Madden Troopa boots "are the best (boot) to accommodate most styles," Mai says.

"(You can) go vintage and romantic with the boots under a skirt, or flaunt them in skinnies and a warm fuzzy hoodie," she says. "Either way these boots were made for strutting."

Gifts for $200-$500

Mai absolutely loves the Gold & Silver Safekeeper Oval Spinning Jewelry Cabinet by designer Lori Greiner.

The 5-foot-tall wooden storage case has mirrored doors with room for 750 pieces of jewelry, essentially combining a big jewelry box with a full-length mirror.

"How many women do you know actually own an accessory holder that truly holds all of their jewelry?" Mai says. "And how many women do you know love checking themselves two, three, or eight times in the mirror? Well, now you can keep your clutter organized to leave more time for primping."

Retailing for around $350-$450 through online retailers like QVC, the Oval Spinning Jewelry Cabinet also features a built-in lock and special lining to help prevent silver tarnish.