Onyx Service and Solutions (OTCQB:ONYX) reports that its development partner in China has shipped the first two fully-functional 330-Watt “Plug-N-Play” all-in-one panels to a demonstration site in Orlando, Florida. The demonstration site will allow for the public, the press and potential customers to see two versions of the panels in operation. The panel versions are model number OS330-1 and number OS330-2. The OS330-1 will consist of a 330-watt panel, an incorporated micro inverter and standard US AC power outlet plug. The OS330-2 will be identical, with the exception of having a high-capacity battery incorporated into the unit.

What makes the new “Plug-N-Play” panels such a game changer in the solar industry is that they are designed for the large “Do-it-Yourself” market. You can literally point the panel at the sun and plug an extension cord directly into the panel for immediate power – alleviating complicated wiring and typical installation requirements. The new panels are designed to be bought right off of the shelf in a hardware store, attached to any surface with 4 screws and immediately be put into service, powering a computer, fan, light or even a medical device. This new configuration will also help allow remote residences worldwide to have easier access to the power of the sun.

At the new demonstration site, panel model OS330-1 is to be configured to power a water well pump and model OS330-2 is to be integrated into an air conditioning system for a residential building. The Company estimates the demonstration site will be ready around the first of the year.

Currently, the original 230 to 280 watt panel design schematics and downloadable PDF can be found at http://www.OnyxService.com/investor-relations.html in the “Featured Product” section on the page. The new 330-watt design schematics will be available at the demonstration site. As soon as the new “Plug-N-Play” demos are set up, directions to the new demonstration site will be posted on the company website.

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