We have a strong value proposition to the physicians and the clinics that we work with, and we surround them with a variety of support services that enable those centers and those clinics to be more successful than they otherwise would be on a standalone basis. So integrated IT systems, very sophisticated patient acquisition programs, care coordination, revenue cycle management. Of course we have capital, which is very important for the capital-intensive nature of these two businesses, and a lot of administrative systems.

So by surrounding these centers with that level of support, what we’re able to accomplish is to grow these small businesses much more quickly than they are able to grow on a standalone basis, because they’re able to leverage off of these investments that we make in supporting their growth.

These are both large addressable and underpenetrated markets. If you take a look at the IVF market as an example, about 7.3 million women, couples, in the United States, do experience infertility, but a very small percentage of those actually access IVF treatment. A little bit greater proportion access infertility treatment, but still there’s a big gap between the number of couples that could benefit from treatment and the number that actually access treatment.

The biggest disconnect there is that it’s not a condition that is universally reimbursed by insurance companies. So there’s a fairly significant financial barrier for couples to access sophisticated treatment. I’m not sure that we’re ever going to see a full penetration of the market, but we do see continued upside growth in the market because it is so underpenetrated.

The vein care market is even more underpenetrated. There’s about 25 million people in the United States who suffer from varicose veins, and only about 1 in 25 are actually accessing treatment in any one year. And the reason for that is that the treatment historically has been very uncomfortable, the surgical procedure.

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