The Haves
1. AT&T (T) Cotton Bowl
Jan. 6 in Arlington, Texas
No. 8 Kansas State vs. No. 6 Arkansas
$6.8 million
There should be this much money involved for two teams that probably should have been in BCS bowls in the first place.

Arkansas wasn't helped by an LSU-Alabama Take Two title game that gave the SEC two spots in the BCS. Kansas State, meanwhile, doesn't draw like Michigan or Stanford, allegedly doesn't draw as well as undersold Virginia Tech and doesn't have the the Big East and ACC automatic bids of West Virginia and Clemson -- yet has already sold 14,000 tickets to its bowl game, or more than the latter two combined.

Still, these two teams get Jan. 6 all to themselves, the biggest payout of any non-BCS bowl and the cold comfort of knowing that theirs is the best matchup left before the BCS title game. It's little consolation, but it's the best the bowls had to offer. Besides, it could have been a lot worse: They could be sent to the purgatory that is the $1 million Maaco Bowl Las Vegas in Whitney, Nev., and forced to play a 6-6 pushover from the Pac-12 such as No. 7 Boise State will on Dec. 22.

Count your blessings and thank your conferences.

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