An investor who believes in a China-driven, natural resources rally might look for value in Vanguard Emerging Markets ( VWO), iShares MSCI Brazil ( EWZ) or iShares South Africa ( EZA).

2. Fiscal and Monetary Policy. It's happening across the board for the most part. Emerging countries are cutting interest rates and enacting policies to stimulate growth. Best of all, they all have high enough rates to cut accordingly, stimulating growth with less worry about inflation than last year or the year before.

In practice, this should help the severely beaten down financial sector in China. You can gain significant exposure with SPDR S&P China ( GXC) (GXC). An adventurous and aggressive soul might even consider wading into the waters of the Global X China Financials Fund ( CHIX).

Those who may be wary of the volatility of stocks should not ignore the reality that interest rates in emerging countries have topped out. That makes the dollar-hedged PowerShares Emerging Market Debt Fund ( PCY) and/or the WisdomTree Emerging Market Local Debt Fund ( ELD) all the more attractive.

3. China's Trading Partners. The impact of China easing in the near-term should not be under-estimated. This is the world's second largest economy with one of the fastest GDP rates around. And while resource-rich countries that export materials and energy to China may come to mind, some of the best trading partners are those with less materials and energy exposure.

For instance, iShares MSCI Taiwan ( EWT) has 50% exposure to technology. Smartphones, tablets and a wide range of tech gadgets are gaining in popularity throughout the emerging world. That should benefit investors of EWT.
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