There are co-workers, old friends and distant relatives on each year's list that give holiday shoppers no idea what they're wishing for. When you don't really know someone or have drifted from someone over the years, the two best options are buying a gift card or going completely random. Those choosing the latter should really consider Mxyplyzyk, a site named in honor of Superman's nemesis Mr. Mxyzptlk whose biggest weakness was being tricked into saying his name backward. Yep, that's pretty random, but so is a twig magnifying glass ($20 to $28), a crow-shaped King Meghavarna tea light holder or a 3-D printed birdcage necklace or earrings ($45 or $55). Some of the site's gifts are lovely and functional -- including a bowl made of bottlecaps or Thomas Edison-style filament light bulbs and radio bulbs -- but head-scratchers such as a $120 porcelain squirrel lamp or $55 Portlandia-style pillow with a bird on it have the potential to be more memorable than anything acquaintances may have actually wanted.

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