Unlike the rest of the sites on this list, TweetBookz serves only one function: to put your or your loved ones' Twitter tweets into book form.

We kid you not. Those willing to part with $20 for a softcover or $30 for a hard-bound copy can put up to 200 tweets onto pulp. The folks behind it have also signed up director Kevin Smith ( Clerks, Chasing Amy, Red State) for a project that produces book versions of podcasts, but thus far Smith's material is the only work that's made the leap to paper.

The one drawback, other than turning your exchanges into a self-published version of Sh*t My Dad Says , is that gift recipients have to make the book themselves. Getting a gift certificate and making your own may beat having someone else troll your tweets and revise your life, but we're still guessing the grandkids are going to wonder decades from now why you could only write 140 characters at a time.

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