A shop specializing in recycled materials doesn't let too many ideas go to waste. From bowls made of bicycle chains ($78), mirrors set in sprockets ($30) or handlebar candelabras ( handleabras? $58) for your favorite pant-leg-rolling commuter or vinyl record bowls ($26), clocks ($38) or mirrors ($100) for that crate-digging music fan, Hipcycle manages to "upcycle" something for just about every species of obsessive geek. While tumblers made of Perrier and Coke bottles ($30 to $40) have a bit of pop-art aesthetic, items sourced from less likely scraps such as railroad ties for hooks, corks and toilet paper holders (each $22) and tires molded into baskets and floor mats ($20 to $29) leave a more lasting impression on the recipient and his or her surroundings.

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