Fort Dearborn Income Securities, Inc. held its annual shareholder meeting on Friday December 2, 2011 at which the shareholders elected five directors.

All five incumbent directors were re-elected for one-year terms as follows:
    For   Withhold
Adela Cepeda   6,903,916   380,231
Frank K. Reilly   6,922,677   361,470
Edward M. Roob   6,903,252   380,895
Abbie J. Smith   6,884,535   399,611
J. Mikesell Thomas   6,886,539   397,608

Fort Dearborn Income Securities, Inc. is a closed-end bond fund investing principally in investment-grade long-term fixed income debt securities. The primary objective of Fort Dearborn is to provide its shareholders with:
  • a stable stream of current income consistent with external interest rate conditions, and;
  • a total return over time that is above what they could receive by investing individually in the investment grade and long-term maturity sectors of the bond market.

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