NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Rep. Ron Paul (R., Texas), in a YouTube video posted to his campaign Web site, slammed Newt Gingrich on Thursday and ridiculed the former House speaker for "serial" hypocrisy.

The motion picture, preview-like video displays a montage of Gingrich clips interspersed with political pundits criticizing his shifting policies and political stances.
Rep. Ron Paul (R., Texas)

"Support for an individual mandate? Folks, don't ask me about this," Rush Limbaugh, conservative talk show radio host, said in the video about Gingrich.

"Everything that Gingrich railed against when he was in the House, he went the other way when he got paid to go the other way," another political commentator is heard saying.

Politico's Ben Smith pointed out that Paul has a history with Gingrich that goes back to his 1996 House race against former Texas Rep. Greg Laughlin.

Laughlin was a Democrat who then-Speaker Gingrich persuaded to turn Republican in exchange for a Ways and Means seat that Laughlin had wanted before Democrats fell out of power. Paul (who had hired Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan as his campaign chair) had to run against Laughlin -- who received support from Gingrich and then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush -- in a GOP primary and beat him in a runoff, which is the seat Paul currently holds.

Whatever the reason, Paul has launched what might be the first of many negative ads from other GOP candidates against the surging former speaker, who now claims frontrunner status in some circles.

-- Written by Joe Deaux in New York.

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