Four of the world’s leading telecommunications companies have selected Jacada Ltd. (Nasdaq: JCDA), a leading provider of customer experience management, to simplify agent tasks, reduce new hire training time and keystroke errors, and automate workflows and redundant processes in their contact centers. As noted in a recent case study, these companies which have implemented Jacada® Workspace Agent Desktop to create an optimal agent experience, collectively service over 41.2 million customers worldwide with presence in Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America, Germany, and the United States.

Recognizing that their existing agent applications were segregated, redundant, and somewhat disconnected, these telecommunications companies were looking for a more automated and streamlined system to empower agents to deliver better customer service. After evaluating solutions from several call center technology providers, each telecommunications leader selected Jacada WorkSpace. With Jacada WorkSpace, contact center leaders are able to integrate vital applications and multiple channels of communications with the customer into a single, optimized view. As a result, agents’ access to mission-critical applications and tools is simplified, increasing agent efficiency, agent productivity, and customer satisfaction ratings.

“We felt we could reduce the length of every call by 35 seconds, but, in fact, we reduced the length of every call by 48 seconds,” said Cheryl Black, Customer Service Director for Telefónica O2 UK. “We handle 45 million calls a year and that soon adds up to a lot of time and money. We accelerated the program to roll out the Jacada unified desktop in all of our contact centers - so that we get that benefit on every one of those 45 million calls – what a fantastic achievement!”

As a result of using Jacada WorkSpace, these telecommunications companies experienced a significant return on their investment, including:
  • Reduced operational cost of nearly $8 million
  • 10%, 12%, and 30% reductions in average handling times
  • A 30% reduction in training time
  • A 30% reduction in call backs
  • Reduction in number of call centers from over 30 to only 25
  • Improved agent satisfaction and performance
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction ratings

The complete case study Jacada Solutions Improve Quality, Efficiency, and Deliver Cost Savings to Telecommunications Contact Centers is available for download at [].

About Jacada

Jacada provides solutions that optimize and improve the effectiveness of customer service interactions. Jacada agent desktop and process optimization solutions help companies reduce the cost of their operations, drive customer satisfaction and provide a complete return on investment within the first year after deployment.

Founded in 1990, Jacada operates globally with offices in Atlanta, USA; London, England; Munich, Germany; Herzliya, Israel; and Stockholm, Sweden. More information is available at

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