White Truffle Has Chefs Salivating

LAS VEGAS ( MainStreet) -- Would you pay thousands of dollars for a pound of mushrooms? Maybe not, but white truffles, those very 'shrooms that cost $2,000 a pound or more, have chefs across the country salivating.

TravelsinTaste spoke to many chefs about their use of the diamond of the culinary world, and Shaun Hergatt of SHO Shaun Hergatt in New York hit the nail right on the head when he told us: "White truffle is like gold out of the ground. They are a true pleasure to eat, from aroma to taste. They're such a unique experience. We all lust for that two months when they blossom."

Read on for some of the country's best uses of the luxury ingredient.

In Las Vegas Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace acquired a 1.16-pound white truffle. Picked by a 15-year-old boy, Luigi, after it was found by his hound dog Coco next to a hazel tree In Piedmont, Italy, the truffle cost between $5,000 and $7,000. The restaurant is expecting to make 100 white truffle risotto dishes with it.

Celebrity hot spot Lavo in the Palazzo is serving a homemade fettuccine with white truffle in a classic butter and parmigiano sauce with shaved white truffle on top. Guests can also add the delicacy to any dish for $69. Lavo's executive chef, Massimiliano Campanari, is to personally shave the white truffles tableside.
Restaurant Guy Savoy has acquired a 1.16-pound white truffle.

Created by world-renowned chef to the stars Paolo "Zeffirino" Belloni, Zeffirino Ristorante inside Las Vegas' The Venetian is serving taglierini alla crema di burro con tartufo bianco, a homemade taglierini "pasta" with butter, parmigiano and white truffle, and medaglione di manzo al porto con mele al rosmarino, a pan-seared beef tenderloin medallion with port sauce, rosemary apples and white truffle.

In New York, Iron Chef contestant Marc Forgione serves "Chicken Under a Brick" for two with white truffles at his eponymous restaurant. "We sell them by the gram, and you can put them on anything. We serve the chicken bubbling and hot right out of the oven, so when the sliced truffles hit this hot, beautiful chicken, the flavor is just infused immediately. Once a shaved truffle hits something that's hot, the flavor and the aroma really explodes," Forgione says. "You shave five grams of white truffle onto this beautiful chicken, it's really something spectacular. The whole restaurant smells like truffles."