Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (LSCC)

UBS Global Technology and Services Conference Call

November 16, 2011 10:30 a.m. ET


Darin Billerbeck - President and Chief Executive Officer

Joe Bedewi - Corporate Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


Unidentified Speaker

I welcome you to the Lattice presentation. Presenting today are going to be Darin Billerbeck, who is the CEO, and we have got with us, Joe Bedewi, who is the CFO. Darin?

Darin Billerbeck

Okay. Thanks, Doug, and thanks for everybody for joining us here today. Good morning to everybody. So I am going to talk a little bit about Lattice, where we are. Spend a little bit of time talking really about what's different between us and the other two big guys. Because a lot of people are constantly asking us, okay, so you are Lattice, who are you and what makes you believe that you can be successful, especially in an environment where there is really only three players. So we will get into some of those as we talk about, we will talk about the financials and everything.

So let's jump into who we are. But before I do that, a lot of things that I say here today that could be considered as forward-looking, ignore them, right. So for the most part, there is our safe harbor. So as you all are aware Lattice plays in the programmable logic business. That’s a really a huge benefit I think in today's advanced technology, because as technologies become more and more expensive, it’s easier and cheaper actually to programmable logic in a lot of applications. There is always going to be ASIC replacement and things like that.

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