Latin America ETFs Break Gloom

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- When it comes to venturing into the international markets at this time, the best strategy is one that includes turning off the TV.

For months, the investing-related media has remained unwaveringly focused on the economic woes facing the members of the European Union monetary bloc. While the situation facing Italy, Spain, and other troubled regions of the EU is dire and is certainly worth monitoring, the constant stream of doom and gloom can be deafening for investors.

Looking to the closing weeks of the year, I encourage investors to make an effort to peel themselves away from the drama unfolding in Europe and redirect their focus on other corners of the globe. By expanding your geographic focus, you may find that there are still pockets of strength within this otherwise treacherous investing environment.

Although they have largely flown under the radar in recent months, many Latin American nations appear to be in a favorable position. I have set aside respectable slices of a number of my client portfolios to countries south of the United States.

Over the course of the year, nations such as Chile and Peru have already enjoyed robust economic expansion in the face of looming doubts about the growth picture elsewhere. In addition, these countries and others like it are in a favorable position from a policy perspective.

Whereas many have expressed their concerns about the lingering number of options available for policymakers in the U.S. and other parts of the globe, analysts note that Latin American central banks still have plenty of tools that can be used to ignite strength in the event of a near-term slowdown.

In addition, while the troubles facing Europe have affected the performances of Latin American nations, many have noted that the overall impact on this region's markets will likely be limited. China is a far more important factor to keep an eye on as the continued demand from this emerging market giant will be crucial to buoying the expansive natural resource industries of nations like Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

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