Tanzanian Royalty Reports Very Positive Gold Results From RC Drill Program At Lunguya Project In Lake Victoria Goldfields

Tanzanian Royalty (TNX - TSX, TRX - NYSE Amex) is pleased to announce that it has received extremely positive results from the recently completed Phase 2 Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling program on its Nyamakwenge Prospect, part of the Company’s Lunguya Gold Project in the Lake Victoria Goldfields of Tanzania. The drill program commenced in June 2011 and was completed at the end September.

Company Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Joseph K. Kahama, describes the results as “among the best and most consistent we have received to date at Lunguya,” noting that “the bar has been set high for a follow-up drilling program that is planned to commence in February or March 2012 at the end of the current rainy season.”

“This certainly has the potential to become a significant new gold discovery, with grade tenors and intercept thicknesses comparable to our flagship Buckreef Project,” he adds.

The Phase 2 drill program consisted of 39 RC holes aggregating 4,145 metres. A total 0f 4,469 RC samples were collected during the program.

The objective of the program was to establish the strike and down-dip continuity of mineralization identified in a wide-spaced 2002 preliminary drill program on the Nyamakwenge reef system on 50m spaced lines. For comparative purposes, the following tables show the significant intersections from both the recent and the previous (2002) drilling programs conducted at the Nyamakwenge Prospect.

The results in the tables are segregated on the basis of drilling method (RC or Diamond Drill), and by zone (Reef 01, Reef 02, Rubble, HW splay). The intersections are estimated to be very close to true thicknesses with all the drill inclinations being -60 degrees and the dip of the reef being -22 degrees. All holes are drilled perpendicular to the assumed strike of the reef(s).

Hole ID   Sample Depth (m)   Width (m)   Assay   Zone
  From   To   Grade (g/t)  
LGRC013 34.00 36.00 2.00 2.11 Reef 01
LGRC016 105.00 109.00 4.00 0.70 Reef 01
LGRC017 129.00 139.00 10.00 1.06 Reef 01
LGRC023 120.00 123.00 3.00 0.91 Reef 01
LGRC026 114.00 124.00 10.00 0.83 Reef 01
LGRC028 35.00 38.00 3.00 1.22 Reef 01
LGRC030 86.00 91.00 5.00 2.03 Reef 01
LGRC032 129.00 134.00 5.00 1.95 Reef 01
LGRC038 114.00 120.00 6.00 4.53 Reef 01
LGRC042 117.00 120.00 3.00 0.93 Reef 01
LGRC043 130.00 133.00 3.00 1.76 Reef 01
LGRC017 89.00 92.00 3.00 1.26 Reef 02
LGRC035 118.00 123.00 5.00 1.36 Reef 02
LGRC039 116.00 119.00 3.00 1.14 Reef 02
LGRC040 118.00 124.00 6.00 1.65 Reef 02
LGRC016 47.00 50.00 3.00 0.99 HW splay
LGRC023 58.00 62.00 4.00 2.04 HW splay
LGRC024 43.00 45.00 2.00 1.65 HW splay
LGRC025 83.00 85.00 2.00 1.22 HW splay

DD = Diamond Drilling

RC = Reverse Circulation Drilling

HW = Hanging Wall
Hole ID   Sample Depth (m)   Width (m)   Assay   Zone
  From   To   Grade (g/t) Reef 01
LGDD-002 74.00 75.50 1.50 1.22 Reef 01
LGDD-003 94.50 97.80 3.30 6.82 Reef 01
LGDD-008 68.50 73.50 5.00 1.21 Reef 01
LGDD-009 91.50 93.00 1.50 1.30 Reef 01
LGDD-010 1.00 3.60 2.60 10.96 Rubble
LGRC-001 78.00 80.00 2.00 2.09 Reef 01
LGRC-003 17.00 22.00 5.00 1.14 Reef 01
LGRC-004 19.00 21.00 2.00 1.26 Reef 01
LGRC-005 20.00 30.00 10.00 1.74 Reef 01
LGRC-006 3.00 6.00 3.00 1.59 Rubble
LGDD-004 29.60 32.00 2.40 2.29 Reef 02
LGDD-006 85.10 88.00 2.90 0.85 Reef 02
LGDD-010 1.00 3.60 2.60 10.96 Rubble
LGDD-010 21.00 24.50 3.50 7.27 Reef 02
LGDD-011 44.10 49.80 5.70 1.43 Reef 02
LGRC-002 21.00 24.00 3.00 4.02 Reef 02


The gold mineralization at Nyamakwenge is structurally controlled and hosted in quartz-veined sericite-schist shear zones which cut through the granite and basalt. The main mineralization is located in strain zones developed in sheared granite and the overall sulphide content is moderate to low.

Reef 01 is relatively homogeneous in terms of grade distribution and shows consistency along strike and down dip. The reef has a shallow dip to the WNW and an average dip angle of 40°. The average width is 4.33m with an average grade of 1.69g/t over a strike length of approximately 460m. The reef has been drilled to an average depth of 154m and the zone is still open-ended to the NNE. Sectional interpretation indicates possible depth continuity that will definitely warrant further deep drilling.

Reef 02 is located in the hanging wall and dips steeply over 50 degrees near surface but flattens out to approximately 25 degrees at depth. The reef has an average width of 3.25m, an average grade of 1.77g/t, and extends over a strike length of approximate 365m. The reef has been drilled to an average depth of 120m. The zone is still open-ended to the NNE and sectional interpretation indicates possible depth continuity that still warrants further deep drilling. Both zones are displaced by late WNW-ESE trending regional faulting in the southwestern sector of the prospect.

The drilling has also identified two narrow minor reefs that occur as “splays” in the hanging wall. Approximately 500m away from the last drill-hole section, inactive but extensive artisanal workings have been mapped, suggesting the mineralized zones could widen in this area.

Other Targets at Lunguya

Apart from the Nyamakwenge prospect, two more targets, the Kahanda North soil anomaly and the Kalole area remain to be evaluated. The Kahanda North prospect reveals a consistent 1.3km long gold-in-soil anomaly within a favorable NW-SE trend. This trend is similar to that of Barrick’s nearby Bulyanhulu gold mine and adjacent Bulyanhulu south mineralization, the former being one of the largest gold producers in Tanzania. The north-northeast extension of the known mineralization at Nyamakwenge prospect has also been flagged for follow-up work.

Future Plans

Following a detailed evaluation of the Lunguya drill results, the Company’s geological staff are preparing plans for a Phase 3 exploration program at Lunguya subject to the availability of drilling equipment which is at a premium in the Lake Victoria region at the present time. According to James E. Sinclair, President and CEO, “We are looking at every available option to secure equipment at competitive rates, recognizing that building resources in the ground will ultimately secure the Company’s future.”


Fire assay with flame AAS finish was conducted by SGS Laboratories in Mwanza. Duplicates and Standards were inserted in the sample stream approximately every 20 samples. The planning, execution and monitoring of quality control programs at the Lunguya Gold project are under the supervision of Mr. Charles Mnguto (P.Geo.) who is the Head of Geology for TRX.

Qualified Person

The Company's Qualified Person, Mr. Peter Zizhou, has reviewed and approved the contents of this news release. Mr. Zizhou is the General Manager (Exploration & Administration) of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation Limited. He has a Master of Science (Exploration Geology) degree from the University of Zimbabwe (2000) and is a registered scientist with SACNASP (Reg. No.400028/08).

Respectfully Submitted, Joseph KahamaChairman and Chief Operating Officer (Tanzania)

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