6. Great Lakes Christmas Ale
Style: Winter warmer
For lots of beer fans in the Midwest, Great Lakes Christmas Ale is holiday beer.

A four-time gold medal winner at the World Beer Championships, Christmas Ale is infused with just enough honey and biscuit-flavored malt to make it sweet but more than enough cinnamon and ginger to bring home its baked-goods flavor.

Great Lakes isn't stingy with the spices, either, so Christmas Ale's cinnamon-toast smell hits just as soon as the glass comes under a drinker's nose. Hints of nutmeg and caramel accompany it on the way down, but might be a bit too sweet for some drinkers.

That copper color, cheerful trains-and-ornaments label and home-for-the-holidays taste make it a great holiday pick, but its 7.5% ABV should ensure plenty of slumber before Black Friday or the big morning.

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