For those of you who have been in this industry 20 years ago and compare now the rate of innovation of new product introductions to what we’re seeing today, this is truly a completely different, completely more significant rate of innovation that we have seen than we’ve seen ever in the last 20 years. And the technology is disseminating.

So we’re not anymore talking about pathology being confined to very select spaces or molecular testing, in general, but it is going all across the healthcare industry and also into everyday life. So let me talk very briefly how we are positioned in this industry going forward.

In Molecular Diagnostics, we’re today generating about 46% of our sales base. And we are seeing very substantial long-term growth opportunities based on the fact that this technology is revolutionizing clinical care and providing new answers, better answers to the needs in the healthcare industry.

Our customers are typically reference lab from the hospitals, and we have a number of strengths that we are putting special emphasis on. It’s Personalized Healthcare, QIAsymphony, the QuantiFERON technology portfolio, and also the world of prevention and, in particular, HPV testing.

Applied Testing, however small, is a very, very exciting growth driver and is growing at very high double-digit growth rates. We expect this market to continue for many years at high double-digit growth rates, because it is addressing markets that are typically vast in size but, only to a very small degree, penetrated with molecular technologies.

Our customers are forensic labs, industrial customers, government agencies, veterinary centers and so on and so on. And we are continually launching new portfolios in this area as soon as a sub-segment gets critical size, which can be as low as $5 million in sales. We address that market with a portfolio of tests that run on the same instruments that we sell into hospitals and clinical labs or into the pharmaceutical and academic environments.

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