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NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Within any decision-making process, it is very helpful to explore the positives behind each option, while remaining patient as you gain clarity and access around the outcome.

If all perspectives aren't properly weighed, decision making can feel like a scary journey, with the responsibility of choice weighing heavily upon your shoulders.

Q: I am a mental health counselor. In our present financial climate, I am scared. At 27 years old, I have hit a ceiling.My job just does not pay me enough and it does not prepare me financially for the future. I want to have kids, need a retirement plan, etc. However, I am passionate about being a therapist and love my colleagues. I have an opportunity to work for a fairly wealthy friend and make about two times my salary as an executive assistant. Should I make this career change that would be more profitable? Or should I stay the course as a therapist.? Thanks, Noah.

"I am my choices." - Jean-Paul Sartre, French Existentialist

Positives for staying the course as a therapist:

1. Your Passion: Passion gives us purpose. With purpose comes greater productivity. While success is uncertain -- having passion around your work can give one a chance to make a deep impact and feel incredibly empowered. How can that feeling be quantified?

2. Your Colleagues: To love your colleagues is rare! Americans spend a crazy amount of time at work. If these hours are filled spending time with people you care about and respect, it will undoubtedly help fill your life with true joy and long-lasting happiness.

3. Your Choice to Become a Therapist: Therapists don't become therapists randomly. They are playing to their strengths. It is rewarding to do something one knows they are good at. The opportunity to be an expert is quite appealing and it instills one with a rich confidence. Confidence helps improve all aspects of life --- (and if channeled correctly) most importantly;our most intimate, interpersonal relationships.

Positives for switching careers:

1. Money Matters: Making more money is no trivial thing. Financial stability generally decreases anxiety in all realms. As you think about what resources it will take to start a family and prepare for retirement, you're being both pragmatic and responsible. No one should ever apologize for wanting the freedom that money often can provide. That said, do not confuse this with thinking that money is the end all be all!

2. Stress Factors: Stress, financial or otherwise, can greatly affect mental and physical health, leaving one immobile and fearful. When you're fearful of your own future, you are of no help to others. Remember that no job is worth damaging your body or psyche for!

3. Trust in Self: The realized self is more powerful than the idealized self. Understanding what motivates a given individual is not for anyone else to judge. Right and wrong is a matter of perspective. People switch careers for any number of reasons; know that there is nothing wrong with valuing financial stability over being a therapist. Incidentally, a higher net worth may offer you even greater opportunity to help those in need -- in the long run.

Socrates stated: "The unexamined life, is not worth living."

Thank you, reader. You are in your later twenties, bridging your thirties -- an ideal time to examine your life! Continue looking at both options and remain positive as you explore your own self, your own mind.

If the decision is not presently obvious, wait, reflect and choose at a later date.

Thank you for your excellent question and best of luck to you!

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