Where the aorta comes down and splits off and goes down into the patient’s legs, we use that natural bifurcation or saddle as the place to fixate our graft and have demonstrated great durability and long-term results with that approach. And then our device also positions just below the renal arteries that’s where we get feel. And so it’s a different methodology, it’s a different approach. It certainly gained a lot of traction over the last several years, everything that unique with this device compared to all of the other devices including those in various stages of development is those are the only EVAR device that preserves the patient’s native bifurcation.

And the importance of that is clinically if you have a patient with peripheral arterial disease and that patient is ever treated with the peripheral intervention at some point in the future whether it’s a balloon or an angioplasty or stent. They tend to enter into the vasculature from the opposite groin. So, if you had a lesion in your left leg, they would actually access your artery through your right groin. And once you put in any one of the other EVAR devices you’ve lost now the opportunity to treat that patient with an endovascular cross-over procedure with the one exception begin the Endologix device. So, about a third of AAA patients have PAD and this is a growing area of importance to preserve the ability to do these cross-over inventions.

Lots of clinical data published on this, I won’t go through this in great detail, but I can tell you that the devices been around now clinically implanted since 1999 with a very long and successful track record of durability and successful aneurysm treatments.

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