In Bluefly’s (NASDAQ Capital market: BFLY) latest edition of their wildly popular Closet Confessions series, style star and NYLON magazine editor-at-large Dani Stahl gives viewers an exclusive tour of her Manhattan apartment, which she admits “really doubles as a closet.”

Stahl’s signature downtown chic aesthetic permeates her space, even as her innovative use of space is an inspiration to anyone who can relate to having big style in a small space. Literally stacked with trees of bags, jewelry, and shoes, Stahl jokes, “let’s talk about shoes, and hoarding…when you have a little bit of space, you have to build everywhere you can!”

The new star of E!’s reality model search Scouted has built quite the wardrobe, boasting everything from a tough leather motorcycle jacket she spotted in Paris, to a striped pair of Chanel boots Katy Perry also owns a pair of. And then there’s her jewelry.

Stahl, who designs the red carpet collection for jewelry brand Lia Sophia, takes credit for starting the current trend for bracelet stacking. She confesses, “I love bracelets. I love stacking bracelets. I like big bracelets. I like small bracelets. I like as many bracelets… I’m sort of like a Christmas tree.”

Stahl’s closet is the 16 th “Confession” in Bluefly’s remarkably successful viral video series, joining blogging phenomenon Susie Bubble and Leandra Medine, heiress Nicky Hilton, Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel, and the E! network host Giuliana Rancic, among others. Closet Confessions has grown into a fashion and pop-culture phenomenon since its launch in April 2010. Clocking more than 3 million pageviews, the series has driven record spikes in traffic, and spun off into extremely engaging 45-second spots on Bravo TV; in February, the series won the Fashion 2.0 Award for Best Online Video—leaving fans of the series eager to find out who is next to confess.

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