We own the CMV vaccine franchise. CMV is a herpes family, which is a problem in both transplant patients and females of child-bearing age. We just did a deal with Astellas, which is a major Japanese company, which is a key player in the transplant market. I will tell you more about that.

The second target in the herpes family is Herpes Simplex 2. This is a major problem. It’s a sexually transmitted disease that leads to general lesions. The only antivirals available, we had some very exciting preclinical data in the therapeutic vaccine setting. But these are pipeline programs. We have key validating partnerships with some big pharmaceutical companies. We are one of the few companies by the way which has a GMP manufacturing facility where we have capacity to launch both our CMV and Allovectin programs worldwide. And finally, we have a strong balance sheet. In our recent guidance, we will end the year with about mid-50s million dollars in cash.

So, again a quick summary of our product pipeline. Allovectin-7 lead program in melanoma, market commercial opportunity is greater than $0.5 billion. The Phase 3 is fully enrolled, the top line data will be in the middle of the year. TransVax, again our product in lead transplant setting, our Phase 2 is completed. We expect to start a Phase 3 and a cease of Phase 2 trials in the solid organ transplant setting in the first half of next year.

Collategene is our program for treatment of peripheral arterial disease of the legs to a Japanese company, AnGes, which is for treatment of blockage of arteries where you inject an angiogenic growth factor. We expect that Phase 3 to be started sometime in 2012, early 2012. Now, CyMVectin is a big opportunity. This is for treatment of prevention of CMV infection of females of child-bearing age. The market is the size of Gardasil. And we have an IND allowed there. So, that’s a very exciting program for us for future product opportunity. I had mentioned the HSV-2 program and product extension applications for Allovectin-7.

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