Hill-Rom Holdings Inc. ( HRC)

Credit Suisse Group Healthcare Conference

November 09, 2011 5:30 PM ET


Bruce Nudell – Medtech Analyst, Credit Suisse

Mark Guinan – CFO

Andy Rieth – VP, IR


Bruce Nudell

Good afternoon everybody. I’m Bruce, and I’m a Medtech Analyst for Credit Suisse. It’s my great pleasure to welcome Hill-Rom to our conference. As you know, they’re infrastructure supplier across the Care Continuum. Mark Guinan is here. And, take it away Mark.

Mark Guinan

Thank you, Bruce, I appreciate it. And thank you all for attending. I’m going – in the next couple of minutes give you a little overview and background on the company. And then, obviously I would appreciate any questions you might have after the presentation.

Before I jump into the presentation, just the usual caveats about forward-looking statements that might be in the next couple of slides and then in some of the things that I share.

Looking at the company, Hill-Rom overview, we are a global leader in medical technology across the Care Continuum. We go from the Acute Setting in the hospital through Post-Acute into extended care and home care facilities. We have patient handling, mobility and environment systems. And we also have a health information technology business as well.

We’re a company that’s been around for a while, 80-year history based headquartered in Batesville, Indiana. And in fiscal 2011, we were approximately $1.6 billion. Great brand recognition in market presence, certainly our customers know the Hill-Rom name, they know what comes with it. And it’s certainly a positive image of quality and innovation. We do generate revenue from capital sales, rental and service. And we have a solid international footprint with revenue sources in over a 100 countries around the world today.

In the businesses in which we compete, we hold a number one or number two position in each of those categories, I won't go through each of these but you can see it on the left hand side that, about half of our categories, we hold the number one position and a little more than half categories, we hold the number two position. So, we hold a very competitive place in the marketplace. And you know we attribute that to the competitive differentiation in the value proposition that we bring across that Care Continuum.

If you look at fiscal 2011, and you breakdown our revenue, first by reporting segment, we organize our business into three segments, North America Acute Care which is focused on the hospital. North American, Post-Acute, where we have three businesses, our Respiratory Care business and then also extended care and home care and the Post-Acute Setting and then our international business, which has a combination of all of those, outside of North America.

You can see that little over 60% comes from North America Acute, of that about a quarter from international and 13% in our Post-Acute business. If you break that down by business model, as I mentioned earlier, we have rental revenue and also revenue from sales, a combination of capital software and services. You can see that 70% of it is from the capital software and services and about a third of it from rental.

And then, finally if you break it down by geography, you can see the three quarters of revenue is generated in North America, 17% Europe and a little less than 10% in the rest of the world.

We recognized that there is, multiple challenges in today’s environment. And we think we have responses from many of those. I’m not going to walk through every one of these points, but certainly, you know, one of our challenges today is to provide more care with fewer resources. And we believe that our product offerings and our services are differentiated in terms of the outcomes that they can provide. We do believe that we offer a return on investment. We believe that we are an investment versus the cost and that we have clinical data to support that that we can prove outcomes and reduce operating expenses.

Certainly there are rising acuities across the Care Continuum. We, you know, see those as positive demographics for our business, ageing population, complex co-morbidities and obesity. And then, again, you know, we’re addressing those through daily driven clinical evidence and increasing R&D investment as we talked about at our Investor Day, and I’ll touch on that a little more in a minute. We’re looking to increase our level of R&D investment, combination of new products to meet some of these needs and also developing even more clinical evidence to support our value proposition.

Certainly, a care giver safety as a major issue and you know, that – its impact on satisfaction and turnover. We have products that improve our genomics. And certainly, can support reduction in injuries, especially back injuries etcetera through some of our aims to mobility. And both our lists and our frame businesses both help support that area.

Emerging populations, requiring increased access to care. You know, certainly we are focused not just in the developed world, North America, Western Europe, but we recognize the opportunities and the needs to develop region specific products and that are certainly things that we’re working on within our R&D investments as well.

And then, increased movement of healthcare outside the Acute Setting and into the Post-Acute Setting, be it in the extended care or home care, is certainly a trend that we see and one that we’re looking to meet. We do have product offering that’s been in the Care Continuum today. And we’re certainly looking to strengthen that position.

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