Stupid Fee Alert: Greyhound's $18 'Gift' Fee

NEW YORK ( MainStreet) -- is rallying consumers around a petition to get Greyhound to eliminate one of the more nonsensical travel fees MainStreet has come across in quite some time. (And, as readers may know, we've come across some really ridiculous fees.)

The bus chain charges an $18 "gift ticket fee" when a credit card holder buys a ticket for someone else online. is rallying consumers around a petition designed to ending Greyhound's $18 "gift ticket fee."

A Greyhound representative told MainStreet the surcharge counteracts fees incurred by the company for credit card fraud and serves as a handling fee for providing the ticket to the recipient at will call.

But Shawn Ambrose, who launched the petition on the advocacy Web site after he was charged an extra $18 to buy a bus ticket for his daughter, argues the fee "simply takes advantage of the many lower-income people who use its services because flying is not an affordable option."

He also notes that, in many instances, the fee doubles the cost of the bus ticket. This would certainly be true if you were taking the Greyhound Express from New York to Boston, for example, as one-way online fares between those two destinations are as low as $16.

Consumers who think the fee is bogus can sign the petition at Change.Org. In the meantime, you may want to rethink giving Greyhound tickets as Christmas gifts.

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