living social super session

LivingSocial is growing like gangbusters.

That means they need to hire plenty of sales people.

As a result, the company developed a unique way to rapidly increase their headcount.

Almost every week, LivingSocial flies between 20 and 30 prescreened candidates to its headquarters in Washington D.C. for a day-long series of interviews.

The "super sessions" cover everything from sales aptitude to cultural fit.

Current and former employees likened the process to "American Idol" or "The X Factor."

Intrigued, we contacted the company for more details.

Mandy Cole, head of sales, and Jennifer Trzepacz, vice president human resources, were kind enough to talk with us about what goes down during the super sessions. Their words follow.

You get flown in to Washington D.C. on the company's dime.

At this point, you've already passed through a few different screening processes, including either a phone or Skype interview.

You take part in a "Super Session" with 20-30 other candidates.

Jennifer Trzepacz, VP of HR says, "They created the super session where they prescreened a bunch of candidates and then flew them out here and said let's make decisions on this. Typically we have a conversion rate of 30%-50% of those who actually come to Living Social Super Session, are extended an offer to work for the company."

You'll be greeted with a sweet breakfast spread.

Head of sales Mandy Cole says, "We really want them to relax. We want to see their true side. We used to do it in a hotel, which I think was a little bit more intense. Now we bring them into our sales center, Boomtown. There are lots of people around. We have breakfast laid out for them. They get to sit with their other candidates because they are talking to each other. They are getting to know each other. We try to be the way we are, which is very positive and upbeat."

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