• Laptops: RadioShack (RSH) is already featuring a $300 Toshiba laptop, which has been one of the most popular deals on FatWallet.com. As a result, Shelton is predicting some high-profile, 15-inch laptops will be available under $300 during Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Amazon's Kindle Fire: The Kindle Fire is already competitively priced at $199, but the device could go even lower. The newest tablet may pop up as a coveted "Gold Box" deal on Amazon (AMZN) and could be priced as low as $100, Vincent predicts. But Gold Box deals aren't easy to come by, and only a lucky few will probably be able to snag the device at this ultra-low price.
  • Digital cameras: Demand for point-and-shoot digital cameras is essentially dead because of improved camera and video technology on the iPhone and other smartphones, Wilson said. This means there will be some great deals on premium cameras on Black Friday. Wilson expects to see Superzooms around $150 and Digital SLRs around $300. There were 350 different camera deals last year, Shelton said, and he expects to see even more than that for really high-quality cameras with 14 megapixels.
  • Samsung and Motorola tablets: Amazon's Kindle Fire at $199 started a price war with everyone, making Samsung and Motorola no longer the alternatives to an iPad, Wilson said. As a result, he expects to see some steep discounts on these devices. "This will be the first Black Friday where tablets go mass market," he notes. Wilson said to keep an eye out for the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy priced under $300 and Motorola's XOOM around $350, both down from about $500. Shelton predicts that some of the lesser-known tablet brands could even drop prices below $100. "The HP tablet blew up at $99, which assures us tablets will be lucrative," Sheldon said.
  • Flat screen televisions: If you are in the market for a new flat screen television, check out Wal-Mart (WMT) and Target (TGT) on Black Friday weekend, Vincent advises. The big-box retailers will likely offer a 42-inch HDTV as a door-buster special (which means limited quantities) for $300. Last year, the retailers had a similar deal, featuring a 40-inch TV for the same price. If you want a slightly smaller version, Vincent said the 32-inch will likely be priced around $200.
  • Barnes & Noble's Nook: The idea of an e-reader being priced above $100 is quickly going away, and Wilson said that Thanksgiving weekend shoppers will be able to pick up a decent e-reader for under $50. With Amazon pricing its basic version of the Kindle at $79, the e-commerce giant is throwing other suppliers for a loop. Shelton even believes older Kindle models will sell for around $50. Barnes & Noble's (BKS) Nook at $249, in particular, will find it difficult to compete with the Kindle Fire. "I am shocked it is still at $249, honestly," Wilson said. Shelton agreed, saying the Nook Color needs to match the Kindle Fire price.
  • Video games: Video game bundles will be back this year, Vincent said. Consoles like Sony's (SNE) PlayStation and Microsoft's (MSFT) Xbox will likely offer the hardware with three video games for just the price of the system. The games in the bundle could also be some big hits, like Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3, Shelton said.
  • 3D Televisions: The 3D televisions normally sell for $800 to $1,000, but a few models will fall below $500 on Black Friday weekend, Shelton predicts.
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