Parker Hannifin Corporation ( PH)

Analyst Day Call

October 26, 2011 9:00 AM ET


Donald Washkewicz – President and CEO

Lang Johnston – President, Corporate Election Services

Pam Huggins – Shareholder

Lee Banks – Shareholder

John Marten – Shareholder

Catherine Suever – Shareholder

Daniel Serbin – Shareholder

Thomas Williams – Shareholder

Robert Bond – Shareholder

Robert Parker – Shareholder

Natalie (ph) – Norges Bank Investment Management


Donald Washkewicz

Okay, good morning. How’s everybody doing this morning? Good? Everybody looks happy. Should be happy today right? Okay, while we go ahead and start the 2011 annual meeting of the shareholders of Parker Hannifin Corporation will please come to order. I am Donald E. Washkewicz, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President. At my left is Thomas A. Piraino, Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of the company who acts as Secretary of this meeting. I would like to welcome all of our shareholders who are here as well as those participating in this meeting via the webcast.

I would also like to introduce the persons present who are nominees for election as directors for a one year term and they are, Robert G. Bond, retired Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Washkewicz Corporation; Linda S. Harty, Treasurer of Medtronic Inc.; William E. Kassling, Chairman of Board of Wabtec Corporation, Robert J. Kohlhepp, Chairman and Director of Cintas Corporation; Klaus-Peter Müller, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Commerzbank AG; Candy M. Obourn, President of Isoflux Incorporated; Joseph M. Scaminace, Director, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of OM Group Inc.; Wolfgang R. Schmitt, Chief Executive Officer of Trends 2 Innovation; Åke Svensson; Director General of the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries and James L. Wainscott, Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board of AK Steel Holding Corporation and myself.

Other company executives present today are now hang in there with me here because this is a long list; we’ve got a lot of Vice Presidents coming up. John P. Marten, Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration, by the way when I name you or call your name, if you just put your hand up so that the guest can see who you are, John P. Marten, Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer; Lee C. Banks, Executive Vice President and Operating Officer; Thomas L. Williams, Executive Vice President and Operating Officer; Robert P. Barker, Executive Vice President, Operating Officer and President of Aerospace Group; Daniel S. Serbin, Executive Vice President in Human Resources; Robert W. Bond, Vice President and President of the Fluid Connectors Group; Michael Chung, Vice President and President of Asia Pacific Group; Jeffery A. Cullman, Vice President and President of the Hydraulics Group; John R. Greco, Vice President and President of the Instrumentation Group; Thomas F. Healy, Vice President and President of the Climate Controls Group; Kurt Keller, Vice President and President of the Seal Group; Peter Popoff, Vice President and President of the Filtration Group; A. Ricardo Machado, Vice President and President of Latin America Group; Charly Saulnier, Vice President and President of Europe, Middle East and Africa Group; Roger S. Sherrard, Vice President and President of the Automation Group; John G Dedinsky Jr., Vice President, Global Supply Chain and Procurement; William G. Eline, Vice President – Chief Information Officer, William R. Hoelting, Vice President in Tax; Pam J. Huggins, Vice President in Treasurer; M. Craig Maxwell, Vice President – Technology and Innovation and Catherine A. Suever, Vice President and Controller and representing Deloitte & Touche LLP is Jack Robinson, a partner of that firm and also Gene is here too, I’m not sure why you’re not in the script, but anyway Jack this is your recognition so.

Will the Secretary please present the affidavit as to giving any notice of this meeting as of the record date, August 31 st, 2011. Mr. Chairman I present the affidavit as the mailing I’ve noticed to shareholders as of such date.

The affidavit together with the attached copies of the notice and related documents mailed to the shareholders will be filed with the minutes of this meeting. I ask the Secretary to present the list of shareholders as of August 31 st, 2011. Mr. Chairman I present a list of the company’s shareholders as of such date, certified by Wells Fargo, share owners services, the transfer agent.

I appoint, corporate election services as the inspector of election of this meeting. Representing corporate election services is Lang Johnston. All persons holding proxies are requested to give their proxies to the inspector. All shareholders present who wish to vote in person on any matter to come before this meeting and who have not already advised the inspector or our receptionist and received their voting balance and instructions, please do so at this time. How many shares are present, Mr. Johnston?

Lang Johnston

Mr. Chairman, they are present in person or by proxy at this meeting at least a 134 million shares, a quorum for the transaction of the business representing over 88% of the shares issued in outstanding.

Donald Washkewicz

I request the Secretary to present to the meeting and the minutes of the last meeting of shareholders which was the annual meeting held in Mayfield Heights, Ohio on October 27 th 2010. Mr. Chairman, I present the minutes to which you refer.

I present the financial statements of the company for the fiscal year ended June 30 th, 2011 certified by Deloitte & Touche LLP. The company’s annual report containing these audited financial statements has been mailed to shareholders.

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