The cash prices realized for natural gas, NGL and oil production including the amounts realized on cash-settled derivatives is a critical component in the Company’s performance tracked by investors and professional research analysts in valuing, comparing, rating and providing investment recommendations and forecasts of companies in the oil and gas exploration and production industry. In turn, many investors use this published research in making investment decisions. Due to the GAAP disclosures of various hedging and derivative transactions, such information is now reported in various lines of the Statements of Operations. The Company believes that it is important to furnish a table reflecting the details of the various components of each line in the statements of operations to better inform the reader the details of each amount and provide a summary of the realized cash-settled amounts which historically were reported as natural gas, NGL and oil sales. This information will serve to bridge the gap between various reader’s understanding and fully disclose the information needed.

The Company discloses in this release the detail components of many of the single line items shown in the GAAP financial statements included in the Company’s Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q. The Company believes that it is important to furnish this detail of the various components comprising each line of the Statements of Operations to better inform the reader the details of each amount, the changes between periods and the effect on its financial results.

Hedging and Derivatives

In this release, Range has reclassified within total revenues its reporting of the cash settlement of its commodity derivatives. Under this presentation those hedges considered “effective” under ASC 815 are included in “Natural gas, NGL and oil sales” when settled. For those hedges designated to regions where the historical correlation between NYMEX and regional prices is “non-highly effective” or there is “volumetric ineffectiveness” due to the sale of the underlying reserves, they are deemed to be “derivatives” and the cash settlements are included in a separate line item shown as “Derivative fair value income” in the Form 10-Q along with the change in mark-to-market valuations of such unrealized derivatives. The Company has provided additional information regarding natural gas, NGL and oil sales in a supplemental table included with this release which would correspond to amounts shown by analysts for natural gas, NGL and oil sales realized, including all cash-settled derivatives.

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