NEW YORK ( TheStreet) - Fear is escalating ahead of Amazon's ( AMZN) third-quarter earnings report, as Netflix ( NFLX)takes a bloodbath due to its disappointing outlook.

The social media buzz is heating up. Here's what the Twittosphere is saying:

Kiwitrader24 : "If $AMZN reports badly tonight, it will generate a ST sell signal tomorrow as the 5-day (233's) would likely cross down through the 20-day."

SiAlpha : "I'm watching $AMZN for a breakdown; with 60x forward PE and net margin of 3%, super Christmas sales priced in."

JimCramer : "$AMZN had often traded down not what if it runs into the quarter..."

Johnwelshtrades : "Who thinks $AMZN commits Harry Carry suicide on $NFLX tonight? Gotta hit 'em while they are weak."

Jenniferisms : "After the close: Amazon $AMZN reports. Will be interested to hear about the Kindle biz & outlook 4 holiday season."

King_Tega : "I think $AMZN will be today's $NFLX. Doe. Maybe I'm forcing. IDK. I'm putting some money on it."

JoeBobMr : "Stoogies losing their shirts in $NFLX today are liquidating their $AMZN to make margin calls...shows you how smart the long $AMZN trade is."

JamarParris : "I'm actually a little concerned for when Amazon reports earnings today. Expectations are high."

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Stockpulses : "AMZN will burst like every bubble."

TradeTrekker : "$AMZN earnings today...believe that Q3 will be good, but more interested in Q4 profit projections given that they have so many different Kindles now."

HedgefundPLAY : "$AMZN I'm long (took some off before earnings)...but it had run a lot before earnings...all good news is priced in."

- Reported by Jeanine Poggi in New York.

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