Coca-Cola ( KO) has even had to include a section on its Web site to push back against the many falsehoods it has been targeted with over the years.

Among the denials: Coke does not contain a bug-based dye, alcohol or pork; no one has ever died from drinking Diet Coke while eating Mentos; at no point in its history was the beverage green; and adding MSG to Coke is not an aphrodisiac.

The company is not tied to the Mormon religion, nor has it funded campaigns against Palestinians and Muslims.

As for those pro-Israel, anti-Palestine rumors, according to the company: "We believe the origins of this rumor date back to 1967, when the Arab League pronounced a boycott against companies for conducting business in Israel, following the tensions in the Middle East. The Coca-Cola Co. and its bottling partners were present in many Arab and Muslim countries before Coca-Cola was introduced in Israel and came back to the Arab countries as soon as the boycott was lifted."

Do its aluminum cans contribute to the onset of Alzheimer's Disease? Not likely, the company says. Soft drinks canned in aluminum actually contain only trace amounts of the metal because the inner surface of the can is lacquered, minimizing the chance of aluminum from the can dissolving into the beverage, it says, suggesting that "an individual would have to drink about 5,000 12-ounce cans to get the same amount of aluminum as from one typical aluminum hydroxide-based antacid tablet."

It also cites the Alzheimer's Association: "There is no proof that aluminum causes Alzheimer's disease."

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