Along with Dr. Loff, Sunil Malkani, M.D., a leading vitreo-retinal surgeon and founder of Malkani Retina Center in Fort Myers, FL, will oversee the development of Retinalyze Analytics to ensure optimal clinical benefits. Using Doctors Optimal Formula's current Provider database of more than 10,000 physicians, the integration of Retinalyze Analytics into physician practices is expected to be readily marketable.

In addition to AMD, Retinalyze Analytics is slated to assist in the detection of various retinal disorders, including retinal lesions and vascular diseases that include diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy and ocular melanoma. “Early diagnosis and treatment is critical with retinal diseases, enabling patients to be treated prior to becoming symptomatic, which can significantly improve the patients prognosis. Retinalyze Analytics will provide the most advanced SVM-based interpretations to help physicians analyze these diseases and tumors, potentially months if not years sooner than previously possible,” adds Dr. Malkani.

Physicians interested in learning about Retinalyze Analytics’ referral and reimbursement program may contact Howard Loff, MD at

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