Huntsman's foreign policy speech proposed to reexamine the military structure, which he called top-heavy, and post-Cold War. Romney promoted military supremacy as a way to deter would-be aggressors. Huntsman has said that defense spending needs to be "transformed" whereas Romney has condemned President Barack Obama's "massive" defense cuts.

Huntsman offered an economic plan based on four categories, as opposed to Romney's 59-point plan . Huntsman wanted to eliminate capital gains taxes, while Romney would reduce capital gains to 25%. Further, Romney has been vocal about labor unions in the debates (he also cited the Boeing case in the economic speech), but Huntsman has remained mostly mum on the issue (though the American Jobs Alliance assailed Huntsman on how his trade platform harms jobs ).

It all adds up to one big gamble for Huntsman in New Hampshire. If he can somehow outmaneuver Romney with less money in the Granite State, maybe the former Utah governor could have a chance to gain primary momentum. And at a time when Obama is losing favor among independent voters, the independently-minded Huntsman alternative might be what Republicans need when the 2012 general election gets under way.

-- Written by Joe Deaux in New York.

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