Occupy Wall Street Poll: What Is It All About?

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- With the Occupy Wall Street protest in its fourth week, many people are wondering what the objective is.

The protest started in New York City and has spread to dozens of cities across the U.S. Some would argue that the protesters should spend their time looking for jobs. But they may reply that they would if there were jobs to be had.

>>Wall Street vs. Main Street

Is it about corporate greed? The banks and other companies got bailed out with taxpayer funds and are accused of turning their back on Americans seeking loans and jobs.

Is it class warfare, jealousy? The time-tested human trait of envy?

Is it growing income inequality (the "1% (the megarich) vs. the 99% (everyone else)" that has been the mantra of the movement)?

TheStreet wants to hear from you on these and other pressing questions. Please vote in our poll below.

What is the point of the Occupy Wall Street protest and similar demonstrations?

Inequality. The rich add zeroes to their bank accounts while others cope with debit card fees.
Jealousy. Class warfare and income redistribution. The protesters don't want to work, they just want a free ride.
Economy. It's tough to find a job out there, especially if you don't have one.
Politics. The right has its Tea Party and now the left has Occupy Wall Street.
Greed. Banks and other corporations crashed the global economy in 2008 and then dined at the taxpayer bailout trough.
Educational system. Many have massive student loan debt but no jobs to help pay that off.
All of the above.

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