Evergreen Energy Inc. (NYSE Arca: EEE), a Denver-based clean energy technology solutions company, today announced it has appointed Judith (“Judy”) Tanselle, 57, as President, reporting directly to Executive Chairman Ilyas Khan.

Ilyas Khan stated: “I am very pleased and excited to welcome Judy to Evergreen. Judy is an experienced energy industry executive with a track record of building profitable businesses. I have known her for some time, and can confirm that she is also one of the most respected and admired coal upgrading executives in the global market and her expertise is simply unmatched in this area. Judy’s presence and leadership is an important component to help us create value for our shareholders and all stakeholders. I also know that a number of our potential coal company partners in the upgrading area are going to welcome the chance to team up with Judy again.”

He added, “Bench strength is a critical component of the coming few months as we tackle projects in Australia, Indonesia, North America and Europe, as well as supporting our obligations to our joint venture partners in other countries such as China. Judy will add depth and breadth to the team, and will allow Kevin Milliman to continue his stellar work for us.”

Tanselle stated: “Evergreen is well positioned to capitalize on the global demand for green energy. I am excited to be joining the company as its President and look forward to building on and leading the company’s strategy.”

Ms. Tanselle has over twenty years of experience in the energy industry. Most recently, she led the start-up of White Energy’s North American operations where she was instrumental in securing a joint development agreement with Peabody Energy and developing White Energy’s US-based projects. Prior to joining White Energy, Judy was involved in building and leading energy trading desks for four leading U.S. energy companies, including NRG Energy, where she was Executive Director, Coal and Emissions Trading, responsible for managing one of the largest and most diverse coal and emissions portfolios in the U.S.

Ms. Tanselle currently serves on the Board of Directors for the American Coal Council and was a founding director of the Coal Trading Association. In addition to her energy career, Ms. Tanselle has 17 years of experience teaching mathematics at the University of Louisville and the Pennsylvania State University. She holds a Master of Science degree in mathematics with six years of doctoral studies from the Pennsylvania State University.

Evergreen Energy Inc.

Evergreen Energy Inc. (NYSE Arca: EEE) offers environmental solutions for energy production and generation industries, primarily through its patented clean coal technology, K-Fuel ®. K-Fuel ® significantly improves the performance of low-rank sub-bituminous and brown coals and lignite. The process yields higher efficiency levels, which are variable depending on the type of coal processed, by applying heat and pressure to low-rank coals to reduce moisture. For more information, please visit the company’s website at www.evgenergy.com.

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