Google Shoes Goes a Step Too Far

NEW YORK ( MainStreet) -- Each time Google ( GOOG) expands its services into another corner of the consumer market, whether it's making smartphones, launching mobile payments or even planning weddings, we tend to react with a mix of surprise at its audacity and interest in how the move might pan out. But now, at long last, the company may have finally overstepped its boundaries by doing the unthinkable: designing a pair of shoes.

Google's community manager Evan Steinberg recently used his Google+ page to unveil a pair of Nike ( NKE) shoes he designed featuring the company's colors (a wonderful combination of blue, red, yellow and green) along with a picture of the company's CEO and co-founder Larry Page on the flaps of the shoes and Page's signature on the side. Best of all, Steinberg named these shoes the Nike Dunk Low "Shoegler" edition.
Google, with its hand in everything, has designed a pair of Nike Dunk shoes unlikely to go on your feet.

We know what you're thinking: Why can't they just stick to making their search engine run faster and let other businesses handle improvements to actual running? But before you jump on your Android phone to fire off a complaint email to the company from your Gmail account, no one is expecting these shoes to hit the market.

Still, given Google's propensity for entering markets, who can say for sure the company won't try selling shoes? If so, we have a few suggestions for the company based on this model.

First off, you might want to think twice before branding a product with the company name followed by an exclamation point. Isn't that really Yahoo!'s thing? As it is, Yahoo! ( YHOO) was upset enough when Google launched a service called Buzz even though Yahoo! had a Buzz feature of its own. Just imagine how angry execs would be at this.

Also, it's probably a bad idea to put the face of your company's CEO on any kind of merchandise one might wear every day. Not only does it make the chief executive look more like the king of kitsch, it serves as a physical reminder of what we know already and try to ignore: Google sees everything you do.

(Hat tip to CNET)

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