Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: FLXT) http://www.flexpoint.com announced that they have recently executed a Joint Venture and Marketing Agreement with Victor S.r.l. of Italy, http://www.victor-equipment.it, for development and marketing of specialty products utilizing Bend Sensor® technology for the auto, marine and truck industry in Europe.

Flexpoint and Victor have been jointly developing custom sensors to be used in steering wheels equipped with Victor’s patented RimSense Technology. We are also adapting our patented Bend Sensor ® Technology into custom switches to be incorporated into the controls mounted on the steering wheel. Victor develops a wide variety of products for use in automobiles and trucks for both their OEM and retail clientele.

Clark Mower, President of Flexpoint, stated, “We are excited to announce this Joint Venture and Marketing Agreement and believe that it will open the door to development of additional products with Victor. We are also pleased to have Victor represent Flexpoint in the European automotive market. Their marketing effort will include existing products as well as newly developed products. We believe that this will open up new markets and bring additional business to Flexpoint.”

About Victor S.r.l.

Victor S.r.l of Italy is a 30-year-old diversified company located in Verona, Italy. Thanks to their abilities in design, technology and processing of high quality materials, Victor grew from the hand-crafting steering wheel company it was to one that today offers a wide range of products for the automotive, truck and marine industries.

Leading-edge product and process innovation is providing Victor’s retail and OEM customers with masterfully designed and engineered products. Aluminum, stainless steel, leather, wood and composite materials are forged into the shapes and colors that clearly differentiate Victor products from the rest of the field.

As an indicator of the future progress in steering wheel design and technologies, Victor is also proudly presenting the patented RimSense Technology, an innovative hydrotronic sensing system hidden inside the steering wheel rim which can be used to provide a variety of safety related functions.

Forward-Looking Statements

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