Romney: U.S. Should Retain Military Supremacy

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Surrounded by the backdrop of cadets from The Citadel, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney rolled out his foreign policy plan on Friday and emphasized clarity and resolve as his core guidelines.

Romney said that allies of the United States should have no doubts about where the country stands and that the country must promote open markets and representative government as the guiding path to freedom from authoritarianism.
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney outlined his foreign policy on Friday

"If the world knows we are resolute, our allies will be comforted and those who wish us harm will be far less tempted to test that resolve," Romney said.

Romney outlined a series of measures that he said he would enact in the first 100 days as president.

Those measures included an enhanced deterrent against Iran, diplomatic efforts to help sustain the so-called Arab Spring movements, a campaign to advance economic opportunity in Latin America, a review of military transition to Afghan forces and the reaffirmation of the existence of Israel and of the special relationship with the United Kingdom.

Romney criticized President Barack Obama for his "massive" defense cuts and questioned the president's strategy to balance the budget on the reduction of military spending.

"The United States should always retain military supremacy to deter would-be aggressors and to defend our allies and ourselves," Romney said. "If America is the undisputed leader of the world, it reduces our need to police a more chaotic world.

The former governor stated on multiple occasions his intent to bolster multilateral alliances, but he said that the United States should always reserve the right to act alone to protect the nation's interests.

The foreign policy speech came a month after Romney rolled out what he called his important economic and jobs plan to get the country back on track for recovery.

Romney will head to next week's Republican debate with two major policy speeches on the books and as the national GOP front-runner in most major polls .

-- Written by Joe Deaux in New York.

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