Now from a shareholder perspective, you can put in a little bit or a lot. If you are a limited partner and a venturer or a private equity firm, you'll also have two choices; you put in a lot or a lot more. Here, you have immediate liquidity; you don’t have to wait several years for a distribution. There is plenty of liquidity. You can get in or out at any time, or in, out and back in again at any time.

And remember, this is New York Stock Exchange governance, so all of the transparency that comes with that as opposed to cloaking everything we have with a great deal of secrecy. So lots of differences in the Safeguard model. And our business model is different. When we have an exit, any gain that we’ve had has been sheltered from taxes by our NOLs and the money has been evergreened on our balance sheet, hence with self-funding to a management team, that says that we have a little bit more patience built into our model and we’re not likely to do a forced exit in a few years in order to return capital to limited partners and then raise a big fund every few years. So lots of differences in our model.

We have categorized our companies in four different buckets. We have developmental stage companies, and by the way, green is life sciences and blue is technology. Developmental stage company does not have revenue. They go into perhaps the latter pieces of the FDA approval process or they could be getting out of beta test and getting ready to go to market.

We have some initial revenue stage companies, up to $5 million just gaining penetration with their product offering and developing a testimonial customer base. We have some expansion stage companies, 5 to $20 million in revenue, full management team, full infrastructure, really gaining position and notoriety in their space and then we have a whole host of high traction companies, 20 to over $100 million in size, leadership in their space, making money, growing rapidly or on the edge of turning profitable. We can enter at any stage and we can exit at any stage. We don’t have to start on the left and then work our way all the way to the right before we exit.

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