5 Things You Need for the iPhone 5

NEW YORK (MainStreet) -- What opportunities will the next generation of iPhone bring to small businesses profiting from the Apple (AAPL) economy?

Already the tech giant has created a profitable sub-industry of accessories and apps for iPhones, iPods and iPads, with sales for accessory and app-makers rising especially around Apple product launches.
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With rumors Apple is preparing to announce the iPhone 5 today, small businesses are rightfully eager to have another product generating sales of their accessories and services. We found a few small businesses already profiting from Apple through these products:

1. BodyGuardz
One of the simplest and profitable accessories for all phones, not just iPhones, is protective shields and cases.

BodyGuardz, the maker of BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber and the clear BodyGuardz Clear Skins, experiences an average 34% growth in sales over the previous quarter during iPhone launches.

Yet the company says its line of protective mobile device accessories, from clear skins to stronger protective cases, ear buds and screen guards, is profitable even when Apple isn't rolling out products because it also provides for BlackBerry ( RIMM) and Google ( GOOG) Android devices, it says.

BodyGuardz is ready to make similar accessories available for the iPhone 5 and will have limited pre-ordering available once the Apple announcement is made, according to its Web site.

2. Z-Connector
For those who tend to drop their phones, Z-Connector is the solution.

Z-Connector creator Rhonda Spero came up with the idea after her son dropped his phone and cracked it. Being a native of Ohio, Spero remembered how people would attach their mittens to their coats so they wouldn't lose, drop or damage them during winters and decided to create the Z-Connector for cellphones and smartphones.

The product launched just two weeks ago and is sold through the company's Web site. Z-Connector is offered for most cellphone and smartphone options and can safely attach to clothing, purses or briefcases.

Within the Z-Connector package comes a cellphone case (the product works better with soft rather than hard cases), the connector apparatus, a chain and two fasteners. The chain length can be customized, the company says.

The products are sold separately, but together cost about $38.

3. Fanny Wang Headphones
Users who just can't detach from their headphones can try something a little more fashionable when listening to their iTunes.

Fanny Wang is looking to mix fashion with superior sound quality in its consumer and DJ-quality headphones, the company says. The headphones come in black, red, white or pink and sell for about $170. Fanny Wang's DJ-quality headphones sell for about $250.

Fashion aside, the headphones are not only functional, but offer surprisingly clear and deep sound quality

The company is calling the high-end headphones the first "social headphone," because it features the integrated duo jack enabling a friend to share tunes "without any diminishment of sound."

According to a review of the headphones by Music Connection Magazine:

"The cord is short -- about 4 feet and is perfect for iPod/iPhone use. It has a clever, patent-pending Fanny Wang inline amazing amount of bass response that allows a friend to 'tap in' and hear your music in full stereo on another pair of headphones at the same time. This is (of course) way better than sharing a pair of ear buds -- one person gets the left channel and the other the right channel. Lame!"

As the company says on its Web site: "You want beautiful music -- look the part -- stand out from the crowd -- rock your Wangs."

Hopefully Vera Wang is flattered.

4. Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge
Multitaskers, here's your chance to stream music wirelessly from Pandora while still playing Angry Birds.

Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge allows users to dock and charge their Apple gadget. Users can also stream music wirelessly from multiple devices including the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android and Blackberry.

The product fits under computer monitors, TVs or on kitchen countertops, bookshelves and nightstands. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery -- which provides the convenience of being able to use it in multiple locations.

Soundfreaq is sold at Target ( TGT) and on Amazon ( AMZN) for about $160.

5. Sticky Skins
Sticky Skins, created by Karim and Khaled Majid, recently launched a line of personalized "skins" for mobile devices, iPhone included, and is anticipating the iPhone 5 launch.

Sticky Skins also offers the covers for laptops, iPods, tablets and gaming devices .

The skins, super-thin vinyl covers, are made from custom-cut material that uses innovative technology and pressure-activated adhesive and air-release technology -- meaning the skins are easy to apply and remove without leaving any sticky residue behind, the company says. They are available in a variety of colors and digital print designs.

Sticky Skins works with artists around the world to create designs for their product. Customers can also customize a skin design to their personal preferences.

The skins sell at a retail price between $10 to $25.

They also work with corporate customers. Sticky Skins was used as part of PepsiCo ( PEP) Egypt's logo re-launch this year, it says.

-- Written by Laurie Kulikowski in New York.

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