How 7 Neighborhoods Got Their Weird Names

SEATTLE ( Zillow) -- Two cops, a veteran and a rookie, were observing a riot near the corner of West 39th Street and 10th Avenue in New York City.

"This place is hell," said the rookie officer.

"Nah," said the veteran. "Hell is mild. This place is hell's kitchen."
The name Foggy Bottom sounds like a marshy place out in the country rather than a neighborhood home to famous Washington, D.C., landmarks such as the Kennedy Center, the State Department and Watergate hotel. But there are reasons for its name.

Or, so goes one story about how one New York City neighborhoods got its name. While Hell's Kitchen is probably the most dangerous-sounding neighborhood names, there are quite a few other cities with unusual ones and interesting back stories. Let's take a look:

Hell's Kitchen, New York
According to the Hell's Kitchen Cultural Center, the area was rough for quite a while, and gang competition there even led to the inspiration of "West Side Story." The 'hood isn't quite as dangerous as it once was and the Hell's Kitchen moniker has been slowly erased and the area is now named Clinton -- perhaps to appeal more broadly to potential residents, although many locals still refer to it as Hell's Kitchen.

Hell's Kitchen, or rather, Clinton median home values are $718,000 and increasing 4.8% year-over-year.

But you'll be hard-pressed to find anything larger than a one-bedroom for that. A home at 505 W. 47th St. No. 2E-S has one bedroom but a spacious floorplan and large windows overlooking the Manhattan skyline, as well as high-end appliances and finishes. It costs $689,000.

Cabbagetown, Atlanta
Cabbagetown is one of Atlanta's oldest industrial settlements, home to two factories. The history of its designation is a little muddled, but there are two stories that are most often recounted. One theory is that the neighborhood got its name from the Appalachian settlers who moved to the area to work in the factories. They planted cabbage in their front yards and cooked it often, and the smell would permeate the neighborhood. The other story goes that a cabbage truck crashed in the street, causing a mob as people rushed to grab the vegetable.

Much of Cabbagetown real estate is on the National Historic Register. Median Cabbagetown home values are $166,700. For that price, you can pick up a 1,036-square-foot a hip, urban loft, like the one at 170 Boulevard SE STE 100B. It costs $168,900.