Multimedia Games Holding Company, Inc. (Nasdaq: MGAM) (“Multimedia Games” or the “Company”) will celebrate its 20 th anniversary with the debut of its most exciting and extensive lineup of new games and products at the eleventh annual Global Gaming Expo ( G2E®) from October 4-6 in Las Vegas, Nevada (The Sands Expo & Convention Center, Booth 1254). New products on display at G2E 2011 will highlight the Company’s successful development of new gaming entertainment experiences that are generating increased customer demand and include the debut of five new premium participation games in an industry-unique gaming cabinet featuring the largest top box ever offered for the slot floor, the latest enhancements for the award-winning TournEvent slot tournament system, new games for innovative series and the Player HD® SLX™ slant-top gaming cabinet.

Patrick Ramsey, President and Chief Executive Officer of Multimedia Games, commented, “With our increased focus on and investment in product development, we are successfully creating great new gaming experiences which are delivering further improvement in game performance and helping expand Multimedia Games’ presence on slot floors. The portfolio of new games and technologies on display at G2E 2011 will highlight our significant progress in bringing new products to market that position us to gain floor share in a growing number of jurisdictions. Our games incorporate attractive, intuitive and unique play features and we are excited to provide operators with products that address a broader portion of their slot floor. The 50 titles and 95 units on the G2E 2011 show floor, including our award-winning TournEvent slot tournament system and our new High Rise Games participation products, clearly demonstrate our commitment to providing industry-unique gaming experiences for players in Class II, Class III and video lottery terminal, or VLT, markets.”

Introduction of First Ever Premium Participation Products

Multimedia Games is introducing its first-ever premium participation products at G2E 2011, featuring five new games developed specifically to leverage the attributes of the Company’s unique, new gaming cabinet. Available for Class II, Class III and VLT markets, the High Rise Games cabinet features five proprietary game titles that will deliver exciting gaming experiences and the industry’s largest top box, a vertically oriented 37” LCD screen that eliminates overhead signage and creates new possibilities for gaming action. In addition, LED lights around the perimeter of the top box screen, unique bonus features and entertaining animations attract players thereby further enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The High Rise Games cabinet will debut with these five new, unique games:
  • MoneyBall™ : Available with two base game themes, the new Dive Quest™ theme and the player favorite Invasion from Outer Space™ theme, the visually stunning MoneyBall Bonus offers a perceived skill element to the bonus excitement. When three MoneyBall symbols land on the reels, players are awarded three shots on one of four differently themed top box play screens that mirror the action of a pachinko machine and combine stunning animation elements. Players can select the direction of the launch and watch as the ball hits pins, bumpers, multi-ball triggers, 3x fireballs or a ball lock. Each shot ends in a prize bucket at the bottom of the screen and awards credits. Dive Quest, a 9-reel, 32-line video reel game, sends players on a deep sea diving adventure while Invasion from Outer Space pits players against an alien attack in a 5-reel, 30-line video reel game.
  • Jackpot Factory® : This 5-reel, 30-line video reel game offers a 5-tier progressive with four bonus features and stunning top screen animation on the 37-inch video top box. Two or more Gear Bonus symbols scattered from left to right will trigger the Gear Scatter Bonus as each gear awards one of four values and prizes are pre-multiplied by the line bet. Two mystery features – Mystery Respins and Mystery Wilds™ – pop up to reward bonus credits while the Amazing Bonus Machine assists in building progressive wins.
  • One Red Cent Deluxe® : The first game available among the new High Rise Games, One Red Cent Deluxe puts a new spin on an old classic. The game offers a 5-tier progressive with amounts displayed in the top box and allows players to earn progressive prizes when between five and nine One Red Cent symbols land on the reels. When three Penny symbols land on the seventh payline, a picking bonus is uncovered and players are awarded multipliers of up to 25x. At the end of the round, the multipliers are added together for a total bonus multiplier. In addition, players have the chance to win a 100x multiplier when the penny spins faster and faster until it turns into the One Red Cent symbol.
  • A Girl’s Best Friend® Deluxe™: Capable of sharing progressive pools with One Red Cent Deluxe, this 9-reel, 32-line video reel game features a 5-tier banked progressive. When five to nine scattered Girl’s Best Friend symbols appear on the reels, players receive the respective progressive award. When three Round Diamond symbols land on the seventh payline, players enter the Diamond Ring Bonus round where all nine reels will turn into picking boxes. If a player picks a jewelry box with a Diamond Ring, a loupe will magnify the diamond and an increasing credit amount will be awarded.
  • White Hot Progressive™ : This 9-reel, 32-line video reel game is designed to attract attention from across the gaming floor. As White Hot Progressive amounts get bigger and bigger, players will notice a burning fire displayed under these progressive awards that grows increasingly hotter until finally it looks like the progressive amount is about to burst.

Ramsey commented, “Our new High Rise Games cabinet and the five distinct games for this platform represent the collaborative efforts of our engineers, game developers and hardware design teams which has resulted in compelling new gaming experiences. Each of the High Rise GamesMoneyBall, Jackpot Factory, One Red Cent Deluxe, A Girl’s Best Friend Deluxe and White Hot Progressive – extend exciting base game play with innovative bonus round action that leverage advantages made possible by the industry’s newest and tallest top box design. Our High Rise Games are the ideal set of products to spur Multimedia Games’ entry into the premium participation segment of customers’ slot floors.”

Award-Winning, Show-Stopping TournEvent Returns to G2E 2011 Better than Ever

Multimedia Games’ award-winning TournEvent slot tournament system will literally take center stage at the booth this year, offering the same industry-leading functionality that has helped revolutionize slot tournaments while adding a series of exciting new features and an all-new base game. Named one of Casino Enterprise Management’s “Top Slot Floor Technology Products” in 2010 and 2011, TournEvent is a proven solution that allows operators to seamlessly switch from in-revenue gaming to out-of-revenue tournaments with the simple click of a mouse at the Control Center, conveniently located within the game bank. TournEvent 4.0 offers a range of new enhancements to both the in-tournament game play as well as the Control Center user interface, ramping up the excitement and furthering the ease-of-use for operators.

TournEvent 4.0 now allows operators to manage and implement team slot tournaments with multiple customizable configurations based on the number of players, mechanics of team advancement, rankings and tournament prize awards. Team tournaments and the other industry-leading functionality available with TournEvent are easily accessed by the Control Center, which has been further updated with a new user-friendly interface.

Crazy Carnival®, the new base game for TournEvent debuting at G2E, offers exciting new interactive features, vibrant artwork, and striking animation that keeps players in the zone and having fun during slot tournaments. The Crazy Carnival Bonus Targets pop up on the bottom of the screen and award players 1,000-5,000 additional bonus points as they quickly reach up and touch the target on the main game screen. The Jump to First™ Feature allows players the opportunity to jump into first place during tournament play by reaching up to touch the TournEvent Money Man® when displayed on screen.

New Games for Proven Series and New Games Featuring New Game Play Excitement

Multimedia Games is also introducing a new array of Class II, Class III and VLT games, including a new side bet and base game for its Side Action® series, a new base game for the Maximum Lockdown® series, the new Mystery Wilds series, new games in the Treasure Top™ series, other unique new games and an updated version of its Player HD SLX slant-top cabinet.
  • On The House® with Side Action Keno: Introduced last year with Side Action Poker and Side Action Dice, the Side Action series offers a twist on traditional slot games by adding a secondary game that plays out simultaneously to the spinning video reel slot game and offers a second way to win. At G2E 2011, Multimedia Games will debut On The House with Side Action Keno, which features a unique full-scale keno game displayed alongside the base slot game on the 23” screen in the Player HD cabinet. In the Side Action Keno game, players select 6 out of 30 numbers and watch as the game draws nine numbered balls all while they continue to enjoy the entertainment of the main slot game.
  • Maximum Lockdown Series: Black Diamonds®, the latest in the Maximum Lockdown series, a hybrid mechanical reel game that bridges the gap between 3-reel and 5-reel mechanical reel products. In this unique 5-reel, 5-line mechanical reel game, the Maximum Lockdown Bonus is triggered when specific matching symbols land on reels 1 and 5. These reels then “lock down” as the three inside reels re-spin four times and award all winning combinations.
  • Mystery Wilds Series: Debuting with Wild 70s™, a 5-reel, 50-line video reel base game with a 1970’s theme, the new Mystery Wilds Series features a unique bonus round that sends a flipping card across the screen during reel spins. Every time the Wild card lands on a reel position, it leaves a Wild symbol in its place with up to three Mystery Wilds appearing in a single play.
  • Treasure Top Series: The latest in Multimedia Games’ Treasure Top series, Treasure Tunnel® is a 3-reel, 1-line mechanical reel game that will entice players with its custom top box featuring LED lights and a video spinning wheel. When one or two Jackpot Bonus symbols land in a winning combination, the Treasure Tunnel Bonus is activated and players hit the ‘Play’ button and wait as bonus rings on the top box highlight potential multipliers until it randomly stops on the selected multiplier which is applied to the line award.
  • Unique New Games: Multimedia Games will also show a number of new unique video reel and mechanical reel games, including: Hawaiian Luau™, the sequel to its highly popular Carnival in Rio® game; Triple Cheeseburger Deluxe™, which features the Burger Building Bonus where players build their dream burger to win additional credits; Tiger 7’s®, a classic 3-reel, 5-line mechanical reel game; Wild Butterflies™ which features visually appealing butterfly-based bonus rounds; and, Gallant Knight™, which mimics videogame play with a featured health meter that extends bonus round action.
  • Player HD SLX cabinet: The Player HD SLX slant-top gaming cabinet offers the ultimate in player comfort thanks to a sleek design that enhances the gaming experience and provides for improved casino floor sight lines. The cabinet features two eye catching wide-screen 23” high definition LCD displays – a main in-cabinet display along with a video top box – and an LED light bar that further enhances the excitement.

Ramsey added, “Multimedia Games’ wide range of products and technologies on display at G2E 2011 allows us to address the distinct needs of players and casino operators in Class II, Class III and VLT markets. In addition to our new High Rise Games premium participation products that are intended to expand our addressable market, our creative teams have developed new games for Side Action and Maximum Lockdown which introduce new play features and additional base game availability. In addition, we are confident players will love the comfort and sightlines made possible by our Player HD SLX slant-top cabinet. Finally, we continue to build on the success of our TournEvent slot tournament system which, as of the end of June 2011, had 32 system deployments encompassing over 500 units. This year, we are introducing a variety of new features, including a new base game, new game mechanics and a streamlined Control Center, that we believe make TournEvent an even more compelling slot tournament solution.”

Product names mentioned in this release are trademarks of Multimedia Games and/or its wholly owned subsidiaries, except for “G2E,” which is a registered trademark of the American Gaming Association and Reed Elsevier Inc. Used with permission.

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