The Con Edison Green Team has distributed over $700,000 in incentives to 200 multi-family building owners. These incentives can dramatically reduce the initial cost of installing energy efficient cooling, heating, and lighting equipment and energy management systems that will reduce operating costs.

The improvements have certainly been paying off for building owners currently participating in the program. Lighting improvements alone have saved individual buildings an average of $2,500 per year on electric bills. Energy management systems have saved buildings an average of $3,000 per year on gas expenses.

“With incentives from Con Edison, I was able to replace my old hot water boiler with a high-efficiency boiler, an economical and greener alternative,” said James Bakleh of Cjm-Ash LLC in Yonkers. “I’d recommend anyone do this.”

“Upgrading to energy-efficient cooling and heating equipment is an effective way to cut energy costs and maintain the comfort of multi-family buildings,” said Con Edison Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program Manager Greg Elcock. “We help owners develop a plan that will have the greatest impact on a property, guide them to the incentives that make it easier to do and provide the information needed so that owners can generate real cost savings.”

Additional incentives are available for energy efficiency improvements within individual units. Residents receive up to six free compact fluorescent light bulbs and may be eligible for high-efficiency showerheads, faucet aerators and other energy-saving devices. Over $250,000 in free energy-saving devices have been distributed to building residents.

Eligible buildings for Con Edison’s Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program must have five to 75 units and an active Con Edison electric and/or natural gas account that pays into the Systems Benefit Charge (SBC). Financial incentives are available for energy efficiency improvements in common areas, including:
  • Heating system upgrades to high efficiency equipment
  • Heating control installation including energy management systems, boiler reset controls and thermostats
  • Roof and heating pipe insulation
  • Upgrades to high efficiency fluorescent lighting and light-emitting diode (LED) exit signs
  • Installation of occupancy sensors
  • Premium efficiency motors for pumps and fans
  • Upgrades to high efficiency central air conditioning

Let Con Edison’s Green Team show you how your building can save energy and money.

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