Petroleo Brasiliero

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Petroleo Brasiliero ( PBR), or Petrobras as it is commonly referred to, is the largest integrated oil company and largest company in Latin America. The company sold shares in the largest-ever public stock sale in September 2010 and held its price pretty much up until August of this year.

Then the global wheels came spinning off. Last week, Petrobras got hit with the triple whammy of declining crude oil prices, a weakening Brazilian real and a weak stock market. If there was ever a time to get contrarian on a particular stock, now is that time with Petrobras.

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The weakness in the crude oil market and Petrobras will not last forever. Petrobras sells for about 6 times earnings, compared with 9 times earnings for ExxonMobil ( XOM) and 8 times earnings for Chevron ( CVX). Here is an opportunity to take advantage of a company with a very promising future in an ever-growing part of the world at a very cheap price.

Petrobras, one of George Soros' top holdings, was featured recently in " 6 Core-Income Bargains."

Arcos Dorados

Arcos Dorados ( ARCO) is the Latin American franchisor of McDonald's ( MCD) restaurants. The stock slid more than 15% last week.

Just last week, Arcos Dorados announced its first-ever dividend of 6 cents per share since going public earlier this year. McDonald's continues to generate strong sales growth all around the globe and has performed extremely well, declining a mere 1% last week and rising about 16.4% on a total-return basis for 2011 year-to-date. Last Friday, Raymond James initiated coverage on McDonald's with an outperform rating and a $95 price target. The stocks was featured recnetly in " 5 Stocks to Trade for End-of-Month Gains and on a list of 20 Top-Yielding, Top-Rated Stocks to Buy.

One thing we do know about McDonald's is that the company performs well in challenging economic conditions -- and Arcos Dorados should be no different. The decline in ARCO is an opportunity to pick up a strong company at a severely discounted price.

Additionally, Arcos Dorados was one of the top stocks with the most hedge-fund action in the most recently reported quarter.

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