Liquidmetal ® Technologies Inc. (OTCBB: LQMT ) today announced a strategic partnership with ENGEL AUSTRIA GmbH, the world’s technology leader of injection molding machines with revenues exceeding $800 million for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011. As pioneers in the development of plastic injection molding technology, ENGEL will now initiate a similar process with the next generation of injection moldable alloys known as Liquidmetal.

“ENGEL is a leading force in the utilization of the newest advancements in materials technology for next-generation products and we envision this partnership with Liquidmetal as a key strategic step in the evolution of injection molding,” said Mark Sankovitch, President and CEO of ENGEL North America.

Liquidmetal also announced the creation and launch of a Certified Liquidmetal Partners Program, with ENGEL as the first certified partner. Under the details of this program each step in the process of designing and producing Liquidmetal products and services will be performed by partners who have met demanding certification requirements to ensure that customers are provided consistent, high-quality products and support services.

Thomas Steipp, Liquidmetal President and CEO, commented, “We are excited about the opportunity to work with ENGEL to develop the next generation of injection molding machines incorporating the exceptional qualities of our Liquidmetal technology. By partnering with technology and manufacturing leaders such as ENGEL, we ensure our customers of extraordinary quality and unlimited ability to scale production.”

Liquidmetal Technologies is a leading supplier of bulk amorphous glass products branded as Liquidmetal. This technology allows innovative companies to replace complex machined parts with injection molded components. In certain applications, this offers stronger, lighter, more corrosion-resistant parts at significantly lower prices. For more information, go to

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