Evergreen Energy Inc. (NYSE Arca: EEE) announced today that PIC Group, a power generation consulting wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation (TSE: JPY), will implement Evergreen Energy’s GreenCert™ Collaboration Portal and Business Intelligence offering for PIC’s Global Client base of power generation clients. Evergreen’s GreenCert™ offering is a Web-based “cloud service” tool that will assist PIC executives in managing their worldwide power generating projects and client operating stations more efficiently.

The PIC Phase I GreenCert™ Collaboration Portal includes:
  • Robust Collaboration Portal Tools (Secure blogs, forums, central libraries, advanced communication to plant owners & operators)
  • Extensive Content Management Tools (Document version control, photo logs)
  • Advanced Portal / Portlet Capabilities (Integrated to PIC and third party applications through one web-accessible location)
  • Sophisticated Security Management Tools (To protect proprietary processes and procedures)
  • Unlimited Log-Ins for their client partners
  • Web-based Access through multiple intelligent devices (i.e., PC’s, Tablets, etc.)

Todd Grzech, Executive Vice-President for the PIC Group said, “With no additional hardware or software purchases for our clients, PIC has changed the way our company does business by driving out costs from our operations. Our PIC Phase I GreenCert™ offering will dramatically increase communication and improve work flow between our clients’ executives, plant managers, employees, contractors, and third party partners. Our GreenCert™ “Software as a Service” (SaaS) toolset will help PIC change the playing field by delivering commissioning, operating, and maintenance services to our partner plants around the globe with a tool that has never been implemented in this marketplace before.”

Michael Brennan, President of Evergreen Energy’s subsidiary, C-Lock Technology, Inc., added, “The new PIC Phase I GreenCert™ Collaboration Portal will allow PIC Clients to implement a sophisticated Collaboration Portal Site within a two to three week time frame for their present and new client partners. Completing Phase I of the GreenCert™ Collaboration Portal builds a solid foundation for the PIC Group to build out the Integration and Analytics capabilities of the GreenCert™ Phase II and III Toolsets, which will further enhance PIC’s power generation station commissioning, management, and maintenance services. PIC can gradually bring these more advanced business intelligence solutions to their power generation plant clients at their own pace.”

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