5 Items You Won't See at Apple's Show

NEW YORK, ( TheStreet) -- As Apple ( AAPL) prepares for its Oct. 4 iPhone introduction, you can feel the thrill starting to build around all the other possible treats that might be on the docket.

But here's a little dose of smelling salts to help keep you rational as the countdown to the Apple show begins.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

On tap for the big Apple showcase is new chief Tim Cook and his unveiling of the delayed iPhone 5. Analysts say the new phone has a dual-core processor and an improved camera. Bloggers have said that the phone has a new slightly tapered design.

But here's what's not on tap for the Apple show:

No. 5 4G LTE iPhone

The ultimate Apple superphone is still a year away as reported here in February. The iPhone 5 will be a 3G phone, though AT&T calls its version 4G, but it won't have the superfast 4G LTE technology already available on many beefy new Google ( GOOG) Android phones.

No. 4 iPad 3

After all the excitement around the HD iPad coming in time for the holidays, Apple scratched the idea. Speculation around the decision included the fact that Apple is selling every iPad 2 it can make so the masses aren't exactly shouting for an upgrade model. Analysts tuned into the supplier community blame limited screen parts. Whatever the case, don't expect a new iPad at the show.

No. 3 iTV

Someday, but not likely anytime soon, Apple will unveil its hybrid computer, set-top box, HDTV super gadget to complete the company's assault on home entertainment gear.

No. 2 Stock Rally

With the huge run-up in Apple shares -- an 8% rise in the past week alone -- it is clear that investors are jumping on the pre-party bandwagon. But as history has shown, product announcements have usually marked a jumping-off point for those who enjoyed the ride. Fans and investors have set extremely high expectations for Apple, but the chances that there's something extraordinary in the works to match that anticipation seems slim.

No. 1 Steve Jobs

Sadly, " that day has come" and gone. Tech's master showman, the top tastemaker in the world of gadgets, the Thomas Edison of our time, Steve Jobs will not take the stage. And it's at times like these, when his "one more thing" schtick and his "magical" and "revolutionary" pronouncements about the newest device will be missed the most.

--Written by Scott Moritz in New York.

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