3. Your post office, your Keno destination
While we're at it, why not just take lottery sales away from the mini marts and give them to the post office? People are always joking about how mailing a package is like gambling; why not give them some real gambling while they're at it?

Lottery sales are up from Arizona (closing out fiscal 2011 with a record $583.5 million in sales, up 5.8% over the previous fiscal year) to North Carolina ($1.5 billion -- that's billion with a "b" -- this fiscal year, up 2.8%, giving state schools an additional $1 billion in revenue for new chalkboards and gambling-addiction counseling). In fact, USA Today says 28 of our 41 state lotteries are up, with 17 at record highs.

Get these compulsives into the post offices, take a cut of the sales and the Postal Service will surely see an uptick in sales of stamps, mailers, bubble wrap (because it's convenient) and rental of post office boxes (because gamblers need to keep their smokes and snacks somewhere).

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