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The fear of another terrorist attack on U.S. soil persists, and with that the fear of weapons or devices being smuggled into the country. Keeping this warfare, be it nuclear, chemical or biological, out of the U.S. is a top priority.

To that end, screening device company American Science & Engineering ( ASEI) is poised to benefit. Its products search cargo at ports, airports and train centers across the country. The company has products to screen cars and trucks as well human beings.

American Science & Engineering is profitable and pays a small dividend of 1.9%. Since July 21, shares are down 20%, caught in the downdraft of speculation regarding massive budget cuts to military budgets. But I'd be shocked if this company sees a dime of cuts. Its products are mission-critical.

With the stock trading for only 19 times current year estimates of earnings, I would buy this stock at these lower prices.

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