Now, I certainly note that most of you know Aptargroup pretty well. Anyway, I wanted to point out that most of you if not all of you have products of Aptargroup at your home at the moment. And I am pretty sure that some of you even have used some of our products this morning.

Aptargroup is the leading company in the dispensing systems niche of the overall packaging universe. We, by the way, do not see us as an ordinary packaging company. We are the only pure-play dispensing systems global company worldwide.

We are offering to our customers solutions in this field. Aptargroup has ages, decades of experience in manufacturing and designing dispensing systems and also to support our customers when it comes to improve their products and their brands. So, we are a trusted partner to our customers.

Aptargroup is also a very stable company. Aptargroup is running the business since many years with a long-term strategy and we are pretty well aware that stability in those times today financially and also in the management is very important to the markets, especially in economic difficult times, which we are facing today or may face in the near future.

Let’s, I mean, talk a little bit about the long-term issues of Aptargroup. In this slide, you can see the performance of Aptargroup since we have become a publicly traded company in 1993. The compounded growth rate of sales in these times were about 10%. The growth below the line at the same timeframe was 13%.

Although we are facing our day-by-day issues and short-term issues, we are a company which had the long-term focus I mentioned this already. We are trying to have a long-term view for our business and this long-term view not only includes our shareholders, it includes all our stakeholders, our customers, our employees, our suppliers. So, our long-term focus is very important for us.

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